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Adobe's official flash files player for viewing games, movies, and even interactive banners

Few software programs so effectively succeed in being absolutely essential on the one hand, and ridiculously annoying on the other hand. Adobe Flash Player, without a doubt, completely deserves both titles.
If you're not comprehensively familiar with it, you might wonder why we refer to it as annoying, since it's a quite simple software program which sits in the background, unseen by the user, and simply enables him to view flash files presented by websites, such as games websites or content websites which present banners and rich graphics. As a matter of fact, some browsers' versions have a flash player built into them, which makes installing a designated flash player quite redundant (this is actually quite an interesting point. In order to write this review we've checked which browsers were used by users who were looking for Adobe Flash Player on our website. The results: an overwhelming majority was using Firefox, many users were Chrome users, but there were almost no Internet Explorer users looking for a flash player, which led us to the conclusion that Microsoft's built in solution provides for their needs).
Adobe, which had invented flash technology, succeeded in creating a player which naturally does what it should, which is playing flash files on websites without necessitating users to specifically launch it (just surf using your browser), but for some reason there isn’t a week that goes by without it asking for permission to update. Since flash technology knew no major changes over the past few years (actually HTML5 is breathing down its neck threatening to throw it over) it's unclear why the software program needs to repeatedly update. Either way, even though we usually recommend against allowing software programs to automatically update, but to keep an eye out and decide for yourselves whether or not to go through with the update, in order to avoid annoying messages, while installing it you'd be better off allowing it to update automatically without bothering you every other Tuesday.
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